About us


We help companies disrupt their industries through the creation of new products, services and business models. We also help them minimise their risk for innovation by using our model. We operate across industries and help organisations make the most of new trends and technologies.


We also help start-ups develop, commercialise and scale their ideas. Entrepreneurs usually use their gut feeling to take new ideas to markets. Yet, according to studies, the number one reason why start-ups fail is that they make products that nobody wants.

- 42% of 101 start-ups that have failed did so because of a lack of fit between their ideas and markets.- CB Insights

We use the Innovator’s Method to help entrepreneurs understand the market impact of their ideas and adopt the right strategies to develop and take their ideas to market.


In the same line, we help investors understand the market potential of their ventures. Start-ups that fail usually do so after obtaining funding. With our method, we aim to bring greater accuracy to the evaluation of the market potential of new ideas.