Innovation Mindset: The Umbrella

Innovation Mindset: The Umbrella

London is experiencing one of its hottest summers, to the utter enjoyment of its denizens. Walking under the midday sun, however, can prove to be  quite challenging. 

On a hot, scorching, summer day, there I was, opening my umbrella to protect myself from the UV rays. And to my utter surprise, I heard someone ask:

“Where is the rain?” 

As I got into a coffee shop, another person told me that I didn’t need to carry an umbrella, as it was not raining!!

It got me thinking: Why were people associating the umbrella with the rain and were not necessarily seeing it as a protection against the sun?

We tend to be so ingrained in our assumptions about the current state of things, that it is often impossible to think laterally.

Innovation is about disruption. It is about inventing the future. It requires a mind that is capable of thinking multilaterally.

A key challenge for organisations seeking to innovate would be to assess whether they are stuck in the Status Quo Zone. The gap between strategy and execution is often the mindset. 







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